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Stylus Lifespan

Clean records mean your stylus will last longer, dirty & scratched records mean it will last less.

A lifespan of 1,000 hours is a good rule of thumb for a high quality stylus playing a mix of new & old records.

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Product Description

Your StylusTimerTM


The Turntable Odometer

Unique Features for Turntable Use

  1. Cumulative hour recording with flashing H indicator

  2. Remembers time when battery is changed

  3. Hold down the Reset button for 3 seconds to reset the StylusTimer™
    (Prevents accidental resets)

“StylusTimer™ is a Handy Cartridge Odometer…
At €24,95 each, having more than one on hand shouldn’t be a problem for any record lover.”

— Michael Fremer, AnalogPlanet

Turntable phono cartridges have a stylus (needle) that should be replaced after every 1,000 hours of use, sometimes even sooner, depending on the cartridge. A worn stylus degrades sound quality and can damage your valuable record collection. Unfortunately, most turntable owners have no idea how much time is actually on their stylus, especially as the months and years go by.

Now you can track your stylus usage easily and precisely- with StylusTimer™! StylusTimer (US and International patents pending) is a unique chronograph designed for use with turntables. At only €24,95, StylusTimer is a must-have accessory for all vinyl lovers and turntable users.



With StylusTimer, you will:

  • Know precisely how many hours are on your stylus or cartridge

  • Track break-in hours and changes in sound quality over time

  • Protect your record collection from damage from a worn stylus

  • Know when it is time to replace or upgrade your stylus or cartridge

  • Maximize your investment, especially important with high-end cartridges

  • Track time on your turntable drive belt

  • Track tube time with vacuum tube components

  • Have fun watching the hours climb, tracking your listening habits

Great looks

With its integrated stand and brushed metal finish, StylusTimer looks great next to any turntable.
A turntable without a StylusTimer next to it will now look incomplete!

Power requirements

Requires one AAA battery, not included. Hours are remembered during battery changes.

Additional Information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 85 × 80 × 30 mm

Your StylusTimerTM / TONAR


Stylus Timer

TONAR Reference Code

5241 OR