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NOSTATIC ARM – Anti-Static Record Cleaning Arm


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Product Description


Anti-Static Record Cleaning Arm




Anti-Static Record Cleaning Arm


-Cleans records as you play

-Reduces record and stylus wear

-Eliminates static build-up


The Nostatic Arm is the modern version of the formerly well known “Dust Bug” by Cecil Watts.
The Nostatic arm incorporates a carbon fiber brush that removes the static electricity from the record during playback, and at the same time picks up the loose dust before the stylus reaches that part of the record.
The Nostatic arm has an earth wire which is connected to the earth of the record player or the amplifier.
The height can be easily adjusted to fit most record players. It also has a sliding weight in order to adjust the “dusting force” of the brush.
Finally the base of the brush has sticky tape so if preferred it can be stuck to the surface of the record player for easy use.


TONAR Reference Codes:

-4475 in TONAR Cardboard Packing (EAN 8720058054528)

-5966 OR No Brandname in Cardboard Packing (EAN 8720058068013 / 4953515210142)


Both the 4475 & 5966 are the same items only the packing is different!




ANALOGIS 6198 Dry Cleaning Arm (A#U143367):
This arm has a brush made of goat hair and partially carbon and the brush can be seperated from the arm for cleaning the brush or replacing the brush by a new one (also carbon only brush available seperately).
Including antistatic grounding wire.

-Cleans Records as You Play
-Reduces Record and Stylus Wear.
-Controls Static Build-up.

NOTE: This cleaning arm is only shipped within the EU due to the goat hair brush!

> Only available in direct webshop! <

EAN 4250013761986

Additional Information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 105 × 250 × 30 mm
Production Brands



-TONAR DeLuxe Box EAN 4953515210142 (TONAR 4475 Old Version)
>Replaced by: TONAR Cardboard Packing EAN 8720058054528 (TONAR 4475 New version)

-ANALOGIS #6198 Dry Cleaningarm EAN 4250013761986 (A#U143367)

-Cardboard Packing EAN 8720058068013 / 8720058068013 (TONAR 5966 OR)




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