NAGAOKA CDL-07 Laser Lens Cleaner


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CD Laser Lens Cleaner



TONAR Reference Code: 3988 OR

Information taken from the rear side of the packing:
CD Pickup Lens Cleaner with Voice Guide System.
It removes dust and even static electricity!
Don’t wait until the lens becomes too dirty! Clean the lens periodically.
In CD players, a semiconductor laser is used for reading signals. Laser beams converge and are focused by a lens.
When teh lens becomes dirty, signal reading ability deteriorates, causing the sound to skip etc.
In the structure of many CD players, the lens is positioned in such a way as to make lens cleaning difficult.
By using this product, you can clean the lens as easily as you would play a CD.
*Voice Guide System.
It informs you, by way of a voice, of the start and the end of cleaning!
Anyone can easily and reliably clean the lens.
*It carries out removal of static electricity and cleaning simultaneously, through the introduction of a super-extra-fine static electricity removing brush.
*It can be used for all the types of players-stationary players, CD radio-cassette players, portable fully-compatible LD players, and car CD players (including auto-changers).
*After the cleaning function is completed, music plays, allowing immediate confirmation of the effect of cleaning.
*To ensure optimum performance, be sure to read the instructions concerning its usage written on the back of the case before using this product.

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 210 × 165 × 20 mm
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