How safe and how trustworthy is this website and VIParts?

This is a very important question to ask with every online webshop.

I can say all is safe and trustworthy, but everybody can (and will) say that!


However I can give you a few notes and links so you can check things out:

-The website is starting with https:// to be sure no 3rd unsafe party can break into the connection.

-You can pay with options like creditcard and PayPal, so through those options you have some extra insurance when you buy. When I would fail to perform well they would not accept me (anymore).

-Here is a website of the Dutch police where you can check false websites, false accounts, etc. and you can look up everything you want to check from VIParts (or any other Dutch company) to see if there are reports:

-Here is an external link of feedbacks on eBay about the performances since the start of VIParts in Januari 2016:

-There are no hidden cookies running to “follow” you around in the internet. The software for the webshop that is used is WordPress/WooCommerce with GOOGLE Analytics and the only cookies that might be running for the webshop is for basic information about visitors. With that information I can see what items are looked at the most and least, what items are searched for (and maybe aren’t found yet) and also it’s used for location so the prices can be set to local currency prices when available. The location may also help to select the costs for shipping to any country.

-VIParts is working according to Dutch & international trading laws, the Dutch privacy law AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming) and the European privacy law GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


If you have any (other) specific question, note, comment or whatever feel free to contact VIParts!

What currency is used?

All prices are in Euro (€).

When other currencies are visible from translations. currency converters etc. be aware those prices are approx. as they are depending on the rate.

With the payment the payed price in other currencies then EURO (€) may vary as banks may use a different rate and maybe also extra costs for the conversion.

Please check you bank account about this and if they have a currency converter you can use as well to check the converted prices using the Euro prices mentioned on this website.

So the prices that are payed are the fixed EURO (€) prices, all other currencies are just an indication about the prices in other currencies.


If you’re missing a specific currency and you would like to see and use that one for easier comparing please use the contact form to suggest and when available it will be added a.s.a.p.!

What about the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (AVG)?

VIParts follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) according to both the European & Dutch law.

The notes for this will be presented online a.s.a.p. both in English & Dutch but already available on request.



P.S. AVG is the Dutch name for GDPR.

I’ve received an e-mail from VIParts, but I’m not sure if the e-mail is really coming from VIParts. What to do?

If you receive an e-mail from VIParts it’s always send using the e-mail address info@viparts.nl but if you see that e-mail but you’re still not sure then please do contact me using the contact form on this website with the subject of the suspicious e-mail mentioned and I will reply to your message. Then we will always have contact and I can say if the suspicious e-mail is really coming from me.

Never hesitate to contact me about this as I want to keep it all safe for all customers, visitors and receivers of any e-mail. In general I will never send an e-mail without a reason so I will always know if I have send you an e-mail. Better safe then sorry!

Always be aware of hackers, spoofing etc. so that’s also why this website is using https:// and VIParts keeps all software always up to date (webshop software, computer software, virus scanners and firewalls) so I do the best I can to keep it all as safe as possible.

Are the pictures of the actual item I can buy?

All items will be visable in in time but as it takes a lot of time to get all items processed for a picture there are items without a picture, some items have a picture of a simular item.

In case of vinyl records I provide a picture of a simular record and add important notes to the condition at the top of the product page.

When I do have the final picture ready for an item and all processed to display you can recognise it with the VIParts -Logo so you know when it’s an unique item that’s the picture of the actual item.

If you don’t see the VIParts-Logo but you want to be sure you see the actual item then feel free to contact me and I will do my best to get the actual picture finished a.s.a.p.

For some items that are not in stock but can be backordered the picture will be taken when the actual item gets here in stock someday or if the item is ordered and it gets here for shipping to the customer.

What does “O.E.M.” mean?

O.E.M. stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

This means that the part produced by the brand’s name is the same as the original brand.

For example: TONAR MMC Cartridges are OEM as they are now produced with the same machines with exactly the same specifications as the original B&O cartridges.

So the only difference is the name of the brand, not the item itself.

In technical way they are exactly the same products!

If the mentioned example the TONAR ones are better in quality for the reason that they are produced in this period while the B&O cartridges were produced decades ago so a “new” B&O is unused but stored for a long while somewhere. This does not mean these are not good, but if they are not stored properly (moist/heat/sunlight etc.) they might have an issue or get an issue sooner so that’s something to keep in mind when choosing between the older (often cheaper because of the aging) original and a newer OEM item.

Are there any customer feedbacks about VIParts?

As I started on ebay and still sell there some items you can check out all my feedbacks on ebay here (click to open new page):

<Feedbacks VIParts on ebay>


Before I started VIParts I also did some selling of private items on ebay and you can check those feedbacks here (click to open new page):

<Feedbacks as private seller on ebay>

I can’t order an item because of my location. How come?

In some cases I only ship to specific locations.

In most cases this is because items may cause problems during shipping and/or custom clearence to specific countries.

You must think of items containing fluids, flamable items, restricted items etc. that are mostly set to sell only inside the EU/Europe.


Please check your local customers if the item you would like to get is not a problem and contact me so that we can check the options together and maybe work things out somehow.


When can I expect an item from a backorder?

A lot items that are not is stock can be ordered by VIParts at the suppliers.

In general it takes a few days to receive those backordered items after an order is put on the webshop of VIParts and mostly will be shipped the same day when it’s deliverd to VIParts (Mo-Fr).

In few cases the supplier is also out of stock and information is provided to VIParts and passed on to you as a customer.


If you prefer to know the possible delivery time upfront before you order then you can always contact VIParts and I will get the information from my supplier (mostly given within one working day).

An item is in stock but when I order it says “Available on backorder”. How come?

When an item is in stock the amount available will be processed for the webshop.

A lot items can also be ordered by VIParts at my suppliers.

In case you order more items then there are in stock then all items will be in backorder so that the complete order can be shipped together to safe on extra costs for shipping so that prices can be kept as low as possible as well.

Everybody wants to buy as cheap as possible so extra costs will be avoided when possible.

What if there is no picture of an item?

I can imagine that you want to see a picture of an item to be sure it is the right item you’re looking for.

As I have about 20.000 items in stock I hope you can imagine it takes a lot of time to get a picture of all items and I choose to put items online even without a picture as the process is going too slow otherwise to fill my webshop with items.

So when you’re missing a picture and you want to see it please send me a message of of your request and the item so I can get that item in front of my camera for you with priority!

What is the condition of used items?

The condition can vary as it mostly up to previous owners how they treated them.
As I have so many items I can’t check them one by one by listening to hear the quality, but this is what I do:

-Visual check of the cover and the record itself.
-The price is adjusted when I see less good parts.
-All vinyl records will be cleaned professionally with the CLEARAUDIO DOUBLE MATRIX PROFESSIONAL SONIC and QS Cleaning fluid and after cleaning also made antistatic.
-All 10″and 12″ vinyl records will come in a new inner record sleeve with plastic lining.

-Jewel cases, slim cases etc. will be replaced by brand new cases when possible except those discs that come in special cases or cardboard boxes specially made for that special disc.
-When the are scratches on the downside of the disc they will be polished so that scratches are removed and discs should play normal without problems.
-When necessary a disc will be played before packing to be sure it runs well.

For more information about the record cleaning and the disc repair please read the services for cleaning and repair.

Cassette Tapes, Reel Tapes and Video Tapes are also visually checked if there are some odd things visual on the outside but it is impossible for me to listen to and look at all tapes that I have.
When odd things are seen the item will get some extra checks by listening or watching it (partly).

Devices will be checked visually and also on general operation. As some devices have a lot of options that not always can be checked I will mention what is checked and what not.
Also all notes will be mentioned with that device.
As VIParts is not a repair company only small repairs can be done in some cases and professional checkings and adjustments of tape heads etc. can not be executed.
Heads etc. will be cleaned with specials kits that is what I can do together with some basic operational checks.

In some cases a device is not working properly and there is too much work for me to get it fixed.
Then the device will be sold in parts, for parts or for repair.

What does “N.O.S.” mean?

N.O.S. is short for New Old Stock.

These are items that are coming from old stocks but are still new and unused and in general still originally packed.
As these may have been lying around in stores the packing may have some scratches and the items may have some discoloration but all N.O.S. items are getting an extra (visual) check before packing.
So all items do work normal without problems but you may see some aging visually and N.O.S. items are just old and NOT used or second hand!!!

With the record needles the protection foam inside the boxes may become porous but (if possible) the foam is replaced by brand new foam and the item is cleaned from parts of the porous foam if it would be on the item.

If you prefer to see an N.O.S. item before buying and a picture is missing then you can always ask for a picture.

When you don’t feel comfortable with a N.O.S. item like a stylus I can get about all TONAR N.O.S. items also as brand new directly from TONAR.
Those prices are higher as they are brand new (when still in program at TONAR) and come with regular VAT so in many cases you can choose between those 2 options (N.O.S. or brand new).

What if I can’t find a part or an item I’m looking for?

If you can’t find a part or an item you’re looking for you can always contact VIParts as not all items are online that are in stock.

Some items aren’t in stock also but maybe I can still get it from a supplier.

If an item is sold out it can’t be ordered anymore, but in some cases I might be able to get another item (mostly N.O.S.) or keep my eyes open to see if I can find one.

What I have in stock (partially online and sorted out):
-About 6000 record needles etc. (N.O.S.).
-About 5000 12″ vinyl records.
-About 6000 7″vinyl singles.
-About 2000 Shellac records.
-About 1000 CD’s/DVD’s/DCC Tapes/Compact Cassette Tapes/Reel Tapes/etc.
-About 1000 Video Tapes (Betamax/VCC/VHS).
-About 100 Tape Recorders/Record Players/Tape Decks/Video Recorders/Disc Players/DCC Recorders/ etc.
So bit by bit new items will come online in my store!!!

How can I pay?

There are several options for you to pay (some options are for specific countries).

You can contact VIParts for a direct banktransfer, but there are also options like PayPal, CreditCard, iDeal (Netherlands).

If you need help or there is no option for you to use for payment please contact VIParts to see if there is another option available that you can use.

Is Track & Trace available or optional?

To keep the costs for shipping as low as possible small items like most record needles are shipped with regular mail packed well protected at any time.
All outgoing shipments are photographed and those pictures can be provided by e-mail and are also used as prove and reference when a shipment should go wrong.

If you prefer a shipment with Track & Trace & insurance then this is always optional and available but the costs for P&P will be higher then as it is more expensive (unfortunately).

Items that are too big for a mailbox or purchases over €50 are shipped as a parcel with Track & Trace and most parcel companies have a standard insurance up to €500 for parcels.

If you have specific requests or want different options feel free to contact VIParts and it can always be discussed what can be done that suits you best!

Can I use a different delivery address?

You can use an address for your invoice and a different address for delivery.

When both addresses are in different countries be aware that the taxes on the invoice may be different!
Please contact VIParts upfront so you are sure about possible differences with the taxes!

Some items (like flamable fluids) are not allowed to ship outside the EU so be aware of that as well!

What are the shipping times?

All small items for mailboxes that are in stock are mostly shipped with the 1st upcoming mail collection (working days (Mo-Fr) around 17:00 local time in The Netherlands).
In some exceptions it may be the day after also depending on the amount of orders that need to be processed.

Parcels of big/heavy items are in general shipped the next working day as it needs more time for proper packing.

There are also items that are not in stock but in backorder (mostly from TONAR) and when an order comes in those items will be ordered directly at TONAR.
Mostly they will arrive within a few days and shipped right after receiving them.
When you want to know upfront when a specific item can be available for shipping before buying feel free to contact VIParts!

After shipping it’s up to the mail and parcel companies.
Some counties are receiving things more quickly then other countries but I have no influence on that process.
Outside the EU items can be kept at customs for checking etc. and they may keep it up to 4 weeks, but that is rarely the case.

I can give an estimated transit time, but always keep in mind that it’s a proces by 3rd parties and also customs is inbetween.
With proper packings, labels and forms all is done by VIParts to get the best transit time possible.

What if I have a question not mentioned in this list FAQ?

You can always contact VIParts by using the contact form and you will receive a reply a.s.a.p.!

Are the prices including taxes and costs for packing and shipping?

The costs for P&P (Packing & Posting) are separately as it’s not the same for all countries.
I always look for the best and cheapest option for everybody no matter where you live.
When several items are bought they will be shipped together to save on the costs for P&P.
If the prices would be including P&P you would pay too much in the end and now it’s all clearly visible for everybody what the costs might be.

All prices are including 21% VAT (some are 6%) inside the EU and 0% VAT outside the EU (VAT = BTW in Dutch/Nederlands).

N.O.S. items are Special arrangements VAT: Margin Scheme used goods.
This means that there is no VAT mentioned on the website and the invoice as it’s a different arrangement according to the Dutch law of taxes.



Be aware that there might be VAT and costs for import being charged for importing items into a country outside the EU.

Please do check your local costoms and taxes for this so you don’t get surprised by this!

As VIParts is an official company the official invoice is added to all shipments and the CN22/CN23 forms will be filled out with the actual numbers as VIParts doesn’t want to get in trouble  with any officials!


In a lot countries you can import for free up to a certain amount, so in some cases you can let me ship several items separately if you want and the extra costs for P&P may be less then the costs for import when all shipped together. Please do check this out for yourself to make a decision what’s the best/cheapest option for you but all this is up to you as a buyer.